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[COMBO 2 PCS] Foundation Young & Glow
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Young & Glow Foundation

Nak cantik bukan lagi satu perkara yang susah dan leceh. Hanya dengan calit nipis Young & Glow Foundation pun dah cukup untuk buatkan wajah anda glowing. Menggunakan bahan-bahan utama seperti Minyak Argan, Ekstrak Aprikot, Vitamin C dan E, SPF45 dan Serum, Young & Glow Foundation boleh membantu untuk mencantikkan kulit atau mengurangkan jeragat serta memudarkan parut di wajah anda.


Young and Glow Foundation suitable for all skin types. Blends comfortably on your skin to give you that gorgeous glowing look youve always wanted.

The concept of the Young and Glow Foundation is to blend well with any kind of skin tone while giving your face a glowing effect. The foundation was also formulated with ingredients to treat your skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin and avoiding acne breakouts.

The foundation has already gained a lot of attention among women as the awareness of it keep rising regardless of age. As the Young and Glow brand grew bigger, the media has an eye on Young and Glow foundation and Datin Noor Kartini has been invited to talk about the product in various television programs such as Selamat Pagi Malaysia, Assalamualaikum, CJ Wow Shop, and Wanita Hari Ini.

Main Ingredients;

Argan oil protect your skin against daily sun damage, while providing moisture to skin, reducing signs of aging.

Apricot seed oil high with antioxidant which protects your skin from mild UV exposure and rejuvenates skin cells through moisture.

Mint Extract anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammation. Leaves your skin free of radicals and irritation, resulting in prolonged usage.

Ingredients used to produce the Young and Glow Foundation are Halal, and wudhu friendly easy to be cleaned off before taking the wudhu.

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